A Studio, Somewhere, Half a Century Away

Ladies Drawing Club

May. 1, 2021, 12:00 am

Stachek 57-159, Petersburg, Russia

LADIES DRAWING CLÜB & Kitty Dinshaw are happy to invite you to the online exhibition “A Studio, Somewhere, Half a Century Away”. The show features eight artists/ladies selected from Call for Art #9 guest curated by Kitty Dinshaw.

Exhibited artists: Joely Neilan (UK), Nogol Mazloumi (IR), Laura Segan (UK), Paula Blanco (ES), Sasha Ivanova (RU), Alessandra Pozzuoli (CA), Kris Lamorena (UK), Gabrielle Bejani (FR/LB).
The theme exhibition is aimed at challenging emerging artists to consider is whether that career will be sustainable, whether it will last. What will they make even though nobody sees it?

For Website Please visit:  https://ladiesdrawingclub.com/

Link to the Exhibition:  https://ladiesdrawingclub.com/asshaca/

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