XI International Exhibition Printmaking

La Rotonda Universidad de Caldas

Mar. 15, 2023, 12:00 am

Carrera 21 N 13-02, Manizales, Columbia

Please Contact: https://www.ucaldas.edu.co/portal/tag/bellas-artes-2/

Exhibition partner: Palacio de Bellas Artes, Universidad de Caldas, Manizales – Colombia
Curatorial Theme: “To be cool, fearless”

Colombia is going through a historic moment, for more than 300 years the Colombian people have been led by right-wing political parties, which have increased the physical and spiritual poverty of Colombians. A historic moment because this year the “historical pact” political party was elected by popular vote, of which one of its slogans of its mottos is to govern to “vivir sabroso, vivir sin miedo” — “To be cool, fearless.” It is clear, and it is stated in its government plan, that the party that won the presidential elections is not from the “left” as its detractors want to delegitimize it. It is a social democratic party, which will lead Colombia with the desire to close the inequality gap, where more than 21 million people live in misery, that is, they want us to live well, with joy, without fear.

This theme that we propose is not a theme that you should work on in your impressions, we only wish as an historic moment in our country, to contribute to that joyful, tasty life, without fear, through our XI international call for graphics: Dialogues and Interpretations 2023.

Participation fee:
US$35 non-refundable entry fee, payable via paypal.me/dialogoseinterpreta
A paypal.me account is very easy to open and free, please visit www.paypal.me.

The exhibition project raises 100% of its operating budget, and the fees directly support the prizes for the winners and the installation of the exhibition.

The most outstanding artist will be awarded a solo exhibition in 2024 in La Rotonda Gallery of the Palace of Fine Arts, University of Caldas, Manizales, Colombia.

• Any artist over the age of 18 is eligible to participate and/or any person who uses printmaking as a creative process.
• All fine art print media, including woodcut, gravure, lithography, screen printing, monotype, contemporary media such as waterless, lithopolyester, collagraphy, and original digital media are acceptable.
• Drawings, photographs or direct offset reproductions are not accepted.
• All prints must be numbered and signed in pencil by the artist.
• The format and size is open.
• the maximum size of the paper must be 14.4” on the longest side
• Only two-dimensional works will be accepted.
• The submitted work must have been completed within the last three years
• Up to three images can be submitted and only one submission per person is allowed.

Submitting work for jurying:
• Submit JPEG photos of your prints via email by the due date, March 15, 2023. Please send submission to: [email protected]
• Title your email subject line: “your name_ dialogoseinterpretaciones 2023”, example: “perez jose_ dialogoseinterpretaciones 2023”
• Submit up to three prints, in JPEG format, 1200-2000 pixels in the longest side, with a maximum file size for each image of 1MB.
• JPEG files must be tagged as follows:
surname_firstname _shipping number
example: perez_jose_1.jpeg; perez_jose_2.jpeg; perez_jose_3.jpeg
• Attach a PDF document that includes information about each of your submissions. Please include your full name, address, email, phone number and all artwork information (title, full author name, medium, year of execution, paper size, print size, class or type of paper) for each image.

The evaluation to select the works for exhibition will be carried out by an external jury. Selected prints for exhibition will be announced on April 1, 2023. Awards will be announced during the opening of the exhibition on May 23, 2023.

Eddy Arturo López
Assistant Professor of Art, Department of Art and Art History, Bucknell University

Mailing accepted work: Accepted prints must be mailed in physical, rigid backed envelope or roll to:

attn: dialogos e interpretaciones – 2023
Carrera 21 No 13-02
Edificio Palacio de Bellas Artes
Manizales – Colombia
C.P. 170001

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