with the support of Grupo Arranz Acinas. Olga Sinclair describes her “Cosmos” of work as “a world of color

a solo painting exhibition by Panamanian artist Olga Sinclair. The exhibition is curated by Carmen Alemán and organized in collaboration with the art foundation Fundahrte

Jan. 1, 2023 - Jan. 1, 1970

joy and hope”. This exhibition is the culmination of a three year evolution that began in 2009 and is now presented as a complete group for the first time. “From Earth to Cosmos” is a testament to the artist’s process of self-description through inner-reflection
presented brilliantly on canvas. This exhibition is a selection of Olga Sinclair’s most significant works from 2009-2011. Ms. Sinclair’s series of mixed media paintings were developed as the artist’s visual autobiography, realized through abstraction celebrating her identity as a woman at every stage and state o

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