Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Jun. 13, 2020 - Sep. 2, 2018

2120 Oxford Street #2250
Berkeley, 94720
PHONE (510) 642-0808


This is the second part of an inventively organized exhibition of art, film, performance, poetry, and archival materials. The Way Bay 2 explores  creative works and significant influence that have emerged from the San Francisco Bay Area over the past centuries. The exhibition features two hundred works by Bay Area artists plus a variety of other artists whose work is a direct result with the region’s geographic and cultural landscape. Dozens of works not seen in the first series of this exhibition are on view.

Artists include Rosie Lee Tompkins, Jay DeFeo, Larry Sultan, Frank Moore, Sadie Barnette, Ajit Chauhan, Nicole Phungrasamee Fein, Conrad Ruiz, Michelle Vignes, and Lewis Watts as well as films by Jordan Belson, Lawrence Jordan, Lynne Sachs, and Chick Strand.

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