vanessa german with Sandra Keat German, The Blue Mother

The Contemporary Dayton

Jul. 14, 2023 - Oct. 1, 2023

25 W. 4th Street
Dayton, 45402
PHONE 937 224-3822

The Contemporary Dayton presents THE BLUE MOTHER, an installation of sculptural works by artist and activist vanessa german that celebrate the human form as a vessel of power and change. A visual storyteller, german utilizes assemblage and mixed media, combining locally found objects to build protective ritualistic structures known as her power figures or tar babies. Modeled on Congolese Nkisi sculptures and drawing on folk art practices, they are embellished with materials including beading, glass, fabric, and sculpted wood, and come into existence at the axis on which Black power, spirituality, mysticism, and feminism converge.

The exhibition will also feature quilts by german’s mother, Sandra Keat German, a prominent figure in the quilting community and enormous influence on vanessa german’s consciousness and work.

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