This Place We Once Remembered

Glyndor Gallery

Apr. 22, 2023 - Aug. 6, 2023

4900 Independence Avenue
Bronx, 10471
PHONE (718) 549-3200

This Place We Once Remembered features works and performances by former Winter Workspace artists-in-residence who draw from lived experience and historical records to conjure memories that move between ancestral pasts and speculative futures. Informed by the working tenets of the residency program, the exhibition reflects on Wave Hill as a place where artistic research and development connect nature, culture and site, and where the past and present intersect.

In video and photography, apparitions from the future visit historical sites such as Wave Hill, and imagine lives lived therein. Engaging American landscapes as sites of personal representation, science fiction and fantasy are employed to envision utopian nature-culture possibilities. Exploring the body’s capacity to carry memory forward, somatic and performative works create living archives of ancestral traditions and violent histories. And in works that reconcile multiple realities such as slavery, displacement and environmental degradation, a non-human-centric world is visualized.

This Place We Once Remembered includes painting, video/film, photography, sculpture, installation and performances commissioned by Wave Hill. Acknowledging site as a recollection of physical, historical, cultural and imagined characteristics, the exhibition taps into the imperfection and historical manipulation of memory and its transformational power.

Artists: Zachary Fabri, Ariel René Jackson, Dana Levy, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Paloma McGregor, Yelaine Rodriguez, Ezra Wube and Saya Woolfalk.

This Place We Once Remembered is organized by Rachel Raphaela Gugelberger, Curator of Visual Arts, with Gabriel de Guzman, Director of Arts and Chief Curator; Betsey Perlmutter, Curator of Performing Arts, and Cecilia Lu, Curatorial Assistant.

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