The Artwork of Ludmila Dranchak

The Brinton Museum

Mar. 7, 2023 - May. 7, 2022

239 Brinton Rd.
Big Horn, 82833
PHONE 307-672-3173

Ludmila Dranchak (1946-2018) was born in a Ukrainian refugee camp in Maracaibo, Venezuela. At the age of 12, the family immigrated to the United States through Canada. Having resided in Rochester, New York, Ludmila later studied physics at the University of Wyoming in Laramie and became certified to teach K-12 programs in the State of Wyoming. Fluent in five languages – Ukrainian, Spanish, English, French, and Russian – she added them to her teaching curricula. She was also an accomplished artist with a passion for the medium of intaglio. The style of her work comprises modernism to abstraction and is influenced, in part, by contemporary artists of the period. The Brinton Museum’s show includes a variety of works from the artist’s estate. The Brinton’s print competition’s Best of Show Award is named in honor of Ludmila Dranchak. An illustrated catalog of select works will accompany this exhibition.

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