Seeing Rectangle

MICA Gallery

Sep. 2, 2024 - Oct. 30, 2016

1210 Turner St.
Lansing, 48906
(517) 371-4600

Gould will be exhibiting bodies of work that explore aging, prison life and musicians that traveled and performed here in the Lansing area. Gould has a lifetime of experience as a photographer and journalist, his work tells a story through portraiture. Gould also develops his own film using various techniques to tell the story of the subject.

The photo essays that will be included in this show are:

“On the Streets” – homeless people in Tucson Az.

“Florence State Prison” – a federal /state prison in Florence Az. – also where German U-Boat crews were kept during WWII and the movie “Stir Crazy” with Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder was filmed.

“Squatters Camp” in Senora ,Mexico

“The Entertainers”

“Ladies of the Manor” – a nursing home in Northville Mich.

Gould uses a variety of photography processes in his work. Some of these include:

Platinum-Palladium is one process made from those two heavy metals – also called platinotypes

Monochrome Printing process that provides the greatest tonal range of any printing method using chemical development.

Platinum prints are the most durable of all photographic processes.The platinum group of metals are very stable against chemical reactions that might degrade the print.
It is estimated that a properly made image can last for thousands of years. It is even more stable than gold.

Cyanotypes also known as blue prints are the other printing process used in this show. Discovered in 1842 by Sir John Herschel ( who also gave us the words photography ,negative ,positive and snapshot ) the cyanotype handled correctly is permanent and one of the most stable alternative printing processes.

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