Resilient Visions: Haitian Art

Harn Museum of Art

May. 25, 2020 - Nov. 13, 2018

3259 Hull Road
Gainesville, 32611
Phone: 352.392.9826

This exhibition explores inspirations of Haitian art from 1969 to the first decade of the 21st century. It reveals a common insight shared by a variety of Haitian artists. Resilient Visions includes images of daily life and past scenes from artists who were considered as Indigénistes for their symbols of local subjects, and as primitivists for their lack of academic experience. Included is the work of an Haitian artist who studied in France and embraced a very interesting abstraction, and later social realism.

Harn curator notes that “Despite their varied approaches, the artists who created these works did so as witnesses and victims of repressive and hostile political, social, economic and natural conditions.”

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