Poetry of the Ordinary

PhotoPlace Gallery

Nov. 3, 2023 - Nov. 24, 2023

PhotoPlace Gallery, 3 Park Street
Middlebury, 05753


Juror’s Statement
I was honored to review all the images submitted for The Poetry of the Ordinary, and it was a pleasure to sit with them over the last week. I kept coming back to certain everyday moments captured in the photographs — the simple gesture of the hand, the perfect time of day to capture rolling clouds over the landscape or the shadowed silhouettes of children playing. And the unique details brought forth as light reflected across mangled metal.

In each of the works selected, the photographer was able to hold my attention through their dynamic compositions, thoughtful use of light, and unique points of view, drawing me further into the image and implied narrative of the work.

I congratulate those whose work I selected. And I encourage anyone whose work was not chosen this time around to keep refining their practice and challenging themselves in creative ways.

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