Mike Hammer: Interstellar Transmissions

Rosenbaum Contemporary

Nov. 16, 2023 - Jan. 3, 2024

150 Yamato Road
Boca Raton, 33431
PHONE 561-994-9189


An exhibition of sculptures by “blob” artist Mike Hammer.

Hammer is known for his “blob” paintings, three-dimensional works created by using paint to create circular layers. While each resulting “blob” is an individual object with a unique size, shape and color scheme, each “blob” also works in relation to all of the others to create a unified whole. In his new “Interstellar Transmissions” series Hammer moves his art away from the wall. Each work in the series provides multiple focal points forcing the viewer to move around and interact with the sculpture in order to see all of its various aspects. The series was inspired by the idea of monolithic works created by alien life forms that appear on Earth for humans to experience.

Hammer’s work has been the subject of articles in “The Toronto Star” and “Los Angeles Times,” among other publications, and can be found in several collections including the Department of Foreign Affairs, New York.

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