The ArtsBox

Mar. 12, 2024 - May. 22, 2016

Contrà San Paolo 23
Vicenza, Italy, 10001
+39 334 2805188

A premier still life painter in contemporary Italy, indeed one of the greatest in all of Europe, Roberto Rampinelli was born in Bergamo in 1948 and lives between Milan and Urbino, Italy and Amer, Spain.
The ArtsBox has teamed up with the Vicenza Poetry Festival to exhibit 30 artworks that showcase Rampinelli’s virtuosity in rendering everyday objects with exacting detail along with marvelous effects in color and light, and subtle variations of texture. The exhibition also creates a dialog between the arts of painting and poetry.
Curated by Marco Fazzini, who is also founder and director of the Vicenza Poetry Festival, the Linea d’Ombra exhibition will run until May 22 and is supported by the Vicenza City Hall and the Gallerie d’Italia – Leone Montanari Palazzo.
Rigor and symmetry, silence and solitude, and the appearance of transparency are all consistent characteristics of Rampinelli’s work.

12.03.2016 – Roberto Rampinelli

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