Iowa’s Great Unknown Artist – The William D. Sturdevant Memorial Art Lyceum

Forest Park Museum

Nov. 1, 2018 - Nov. 30, 2017

14581 - K Avenue
Perry, 50220
(515) 465-3577

Sometimes the world seems to be a great marketing campaign, yet some of the best marketed items – aren’t always the best. Many of Iowa’s finest artists have yet to receive any recognition – one of Iowa’s great unknown artist’s is the late William Sturdevant. A Des Moines native, Drake University alumni, a young contemporary of Grant Wood, yet not only a painter, Sturdevant was a sculpture, and print-maker (aquatint cooper etchings) and he was an Art educator – in fact, many of central Iowa’s art educators were taught and/or influenced by Sturdevant.

Over 1200 works are preserved by The William D. Sturdevant Memorial Art Lyceum, established by his daughter as part of the Raccoon Valley Centre for the Arts. The FOREST PARK MUSEUM in Perry, Iowa will display a revolving selection of these works during the next twelve months! We hope to introduce this truly outstanding artist to his native state of Iowa, and promote other Iowa artists in the future.
Exhibit open Weekdays from 8A to 430P (November through April, and from May to October the Museum is also open on Saturdays & Sundays from 1P to 430P).

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