Hindsight: The Paintings of Roni Sherman Ramos

Atlantic Gallery

May. 9, 2023 - May. 27, 2023

548 W28th Street, Suite 540
New York, 10001
PHONE 212-219-3183


Atlantic Gallery is proud to announce the fifth solo show by Roni Sherman Ramos who has been exhibiting here over the course of eight years.

In these 51 small oil paintings a story is told about looking back in time. The title, “Hindsight”, refers to that fuller understanding of the sense of environment and state of mind when recalling a place or an event.

Ramos’ paintings are not limited to a literal depiction of time and place; they are rather a mind’s eye view of having been there.

One painting, “Barn”, draws us to a pasture where a building simply sits, a familiar scene. In another, a warm beachy day evokes memories of Puerto Rico vacations. In contrast, a number of Ramos’ images serve to provoke the imagination: abstract forms conjure serene, dreamy days, weightless colors float, nighttime moodiness plays in opposition to images of vivid brightness.

To be sure, take all the time you need to explore the many facets of “Hindsight”.

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