Fight or BuyBonds

Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota

Jun. 9, 2019 - Sep. 9, 2018

333 E River Pkwy
Minneapolis, 55455
PHONE 612 625 9494

Fight or BuyBonds features American the first World War posters designed to rally the people and help support the cause. Part of the Weisman collection, the posters focus on the need for America to participate in government actions, innovative governmental financing and create a stronger group identity.

The posters petition citizens to civic duty, loyalty and directness in the face of what was perceived as evils of an enemy force. Occasionally a poster openly indicates the hardships of war and its suffering, but only in an effort to motivate service, sacrifice, or contribution. The posters seem to intentionally avoided frightening the public with themes similar from one country to the next, as were many of the designs favored specific symbols. These posters share a unique purpose of design and the artist’s thoughts in the best way to convey their messages with a visual presentation.

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