Expanding the Panopticon

LatchKey Gallery

Oct. 20, 2023 - Nov. 4, 2023

173 Henry Street
New York, 10002
PHONE 646 213-9070


The exhibition unfolds a narrative beginning with playful reminiscences of childhood, then leading into the emotional landscapes of body, trauma, ecological crisis, and politics. Each artist comes to terms with reality by delving into a spectrum of dynamic emotions and cultural undercurrents running through contemporary society. Amidst a chaotic global backdrop – where the impending consequences of humanity loom large – these artists recognize trials and tribulations by traversing between whimsical dreamscapes of curious play and thoughtful reflections of a disturbed reality.

Throughout EXPANDING THE PANOPTICON, echoes of abstraction, a sense of place, color, and curiosity persist; the audience engages in contemplation of past and future, internal and external, control and freedom: the audience is moving through a visual panopticon. With a rich mix of material exploration (in painting, sculpture, and installation), the exhibition invites viewers into a space that follows a path of memory, realization, hovering between the contradicting dualities inherent to the human condition.

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