Enchanting Light

Able Fine Art NY Gallery

Jun. 19, 2023 - Jul. 9, 2013

511 W 25th St, Suite 507
New York, New York 10001


Able Fine Art NY Gallery is pleased to present the colorful and whimsical works of Su Kim and Karin Batten. Through an abstract and simplistic style of painting, Kim and Batten create works that play on the boldness and vibrancy of contrasting colors and textures. Su Kim is a native Korean artist who creates works of art inspired by the landscape of Mother Nature. Her current collection is based on the sound of nature, which to her transverses “the tangible and intangible” and is infinitely pure. In the eye of the viewer, Kim’s paintings seem resounding yet effortlessly simplistic. Karin Batten is a German born artist who creates paintings that explore the depth of her feelings. For Batten, painting is “intuitive,” as she allows each art work to guide its own development, bringing it to life. Her paintings are rich, vivid, and saturated with colors and patterns that grace the canvases abstractly. In some of her pieces she utilizes collage elements to create texture and add layers of depth and in others she works solely with paints, playing with their smooth and rough properties.

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