Chuck Fischer, Geometric Abstractions

Chuck Fischer Gallery

Apr. 18, 2023 - May. 6, 2023

548 W28th Street, Suite 540
New York, 10001

Chuck Fischer uses geometric abstract constructions break the plane of two-dimensional painting and are composed of color, textured, and multi-layered elements made from common materials such as wood, copper, and aluminum. He creates visual complexity by varying the depth, color, and texture of each piece to draw the viewer into the work.  Chuck doesn’t sketch before I start a new piece but trust my intuition and the materials at hand to guide me as I create works of spatial balance and harmony.

Fischer’s current work is intended to hang on a wall or stand as a sculpture, but plans to soon build larger-than-life-size cubes built using geometric wood and metal components. These textured, polychrome cubes would be constructed with a hidden door allowing the viewer to enter the work and be fully enveloped by it.

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