Barbara Bloom: THE RENDERING (H x W x D = )

The Allen Memorial Art Museum Oberlin College

Jul. 14, 2020 - Dec. 16, 2018

87 North Main Street Oberlin
Oberlin, 44074
Telephone: 440.775.8665

Barbara Bloom has created a work specifically for the Ellen Johnson Gallery of the Allen Memorial Art Museum Oberlin College. Bloom has chosen to carefully curated and place objects of art from the permanent museum collection which depict architecture in some form. The works include paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs from a variety of cultures and time periods. The works will be presented in a way that allows the viewer to navigate the space in a two-dimensional plane of carefully organized space. It is a process of reverse-rendering or described as “the works into three dimensions highlights and heightens their architectural essences, and further directs attention back to the space of the gallery itself.”

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