Able Fine Art NY Gallery

May. 22, 2023 - May. 28, 2013

511 W 25th Street. Suite 507
New York, New York 10001


Able Fine Art NY Gallery is pleased to present the mysterious and profound works of Ayumi Yamada. Inspired by the abstract and playful style of Jean Michel Basquiat, Yamada creates works that garner intrigue, stimulate the senses, and provoke meaning.

Ayumi Yamada’s current collection, titled “27,” recounts the struggle and emotion in her life at her present age of 27. Her works are graphic, bold, provocative, and full of remorse, striking the viewer on a sympathetic level. Yamada’s style of work incorporates collage elements as well as writing and mixed media to create visually striking pieces. Each work in her collection has its own message and style that is different from the rest. Yamada tends to compose her works in ways that create distortion and spontaneity so they feel effortless and perhaps even lackadaisical.

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