The Head in Light: Portrait Drawing and Painting – Diane Aeschliman

Lyme Art Association

Apr. 14, 2012, 09:00 am

90 Lyme St.

Diane’s 40-plus years of experience provides her students with a comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable method of learning, designed for those just starting as well as the seasoned artist. This workshop will begin with introduction to the structure of the head and the orientation of the features to the overall mass of the skull. By understanding the arrangement of the lateral and vertical axis lines, students will learn to represent the model’s features in relatively accurate proportion and position on a voluminous skull, in any rotation. The workshop will begin by working with vine charcoal and charcoal pencils. Guidance will be given in drawing the skull in two positions and then to superimpose the features over the understructure, as well as quick studies of the head in rotation. By the end of the first day, each student should have two drawings that are good explorations of the model’s head. The second day, working on toned paper, will begin with gesture drawings, and move to studies in shadow and light, followed by time to spend on one longer drawing. Students may then choose to paint a grisaille study of the head, done with one color of oil paint on a white ground. Working with one color is a wonderful way to explore the techniques needed to express value changes, the textural qualities between skin and hair, and learn to manipulate paint without having to worry about a full palette of color. Dates: Saturday and Sunday, 9am – 4pm, April 14–15

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