The Athenatype – new process workshop


Jan. 12, 2013, 10:00 am

136½ Pine Street
860 783 5443

PhotoSynthesis is proud to offer the first ever workshop exclusively dedicated to the brand new athenatype process.

Though alternative processes are grounded in the 19th century beginnings of photography, the processes themselves are ever changing and new options continue to arrive on the alternative processes scene. Dick Sullivan, co-founder of the photographic supply company Bostick and Sullivan, has recently developed an all new alternative photographic process called athenatype. Athenatype is an iron and silver process that is a close descendant of the kallitype but eliminates the long development times and unpredictability often experienced in kallitype printing. Full instructions on athenatype will be included in the upcoming 3rd Edition of The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes by Christopher James.
Instructor Jessica Somers has worked closely with Dick Sullivan and Christopher James on the refining of the athenatype process and is excited to share her experiences with the participants of this workshop.

Participants will learn about paper preparation using a new and improved paper sizing technique, paper coating with the athenatype solution, exposing the paper in contact with a negative, and processing of the athenatype print. Participants will also be introduced to the process of making digital negatives, though the majority of the workshop will be spent printing.

Participants are asked to bring digital files, negatives, or photos, from which to make enlarged negatives suitable for contact printing to the coated paper. Those wishing to get a head start will be instructed in how to prepare their images for contact negatives prior to the class.

Workshop fee includes materials.
Non-members: $250
Members: $225
Course Enrollment: 6–10
Instructor: Jessica Somers (

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