Optical:Staged Opening

Raandesk Gallery of Art

Mar. 10, 2011, 07:00 pm

16 West 23rd Street


Raandesk Gallery of Art announces Optical: Staged. Optical is an annual juried competition held by Raandesk Gallery for photography. Each year a new theme is selected and works from around the world are submitted for consideration. The theme, Staged, was selected by one of the competition’s jurors for the 2010 competition and served as a single word platform for photographers to present their work. The exhibition is comprised of photographs created by the top five finalists of the competition and serves to be dramatic as well as insightful into each artist’s individual definition of the theme. The exhibition will feature both small and large-scale black & white and color photographs by Katarzyna Majak, Tom Prado, Margaret McCarthy, Frances Berry and Vincent Zambrano.

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