Montpelier Art Center Presents New Sculpture-Woolgathering

Montpelier Arts Center

Dec. 3, 2023, 01:00 pm

9652 Muirkirk Rd
Phone: (301) 699-2255

Montpelier Arts Center proudly presents their new exhibit of the sculpture Woolgathering by artist Paul Daniel. Paul Daniel is the recipient of the Open Call for Public Art Temporary Sculpture at Montpelier Arts Center. The work will be on exhibit for a period of two years. Congratulations to Paul Daniel on being selected.

Paul Daniel is a Baltimore, Maryland-based artist who focuses on making large outdoor, kinetic sculptures. As a sculpture major at the Kansas City Art Institute, Paul learned about building large outdoor sculptures and developed an interest in making kinetic work.

Kinetic sculpture sparks curiosity with their dancing motion in relationship to the wind. Sculptural elements indicate the velocity of the wind and mark time. Wind and sun affect each piece drawing viewers into awareness of natural phenomena of movement,
shadows and the rotation of the earth. I see this as a positive level of engagement, waking people to their immediate environment – making what often goes unnoticed around them become noticed – the wind, its speed and direction, moments of calm, sun and reflection. These are not simple realities, yet they are everyday occurrences that in our time can be missed. (Paul Daniel, 2023).

Woolgathering will be on display at Montpelier Arts Center from October 25, 2023 to October 24, 2025.

You are invited to attend the Montpelier Arts Center Open House and Unveiling of Woolgathering on Sunday, December 3, 1-3 pm and Gallery Receptions 2-4 pm. You will be able to see the new exhibition of works in the galleries as well as the installation of Woolgathering and meet the artist.

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