Lecture about the artists of the Famous Russian Contemporary Artists Exhibition

Alfa Art Gallery

Jan. 21, 2013, 07:00 pm

108 Church Street

The Alfa Art Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of our exhibition of Nina Tomczak’s Russian Fine and Decorative Artwork. The opening reception will be on January 31 at 6pm, with an open studio and lecture about the presented artists on February 15 at 7pm.

Nina Tomczak is a big collector of Russian Fine and Decorative Art. During a stay in Moscow, Nina became an active member of the International Woman’s Club, where she headed the Moscow Art Group. There, she was given an opportunity to meet various famous Russian contemporary painters and to be exposed to a beautiful Russian Decorative Art, which she began to collect. Nina’s collection of Russian Fine and Decorative Art, being exhibited at Alfa, highlights talented Contemporary Russian painters from several different cultures and background.

The exhibited artists in Nina’s collection include: Andrei Averyanov, focusing on portraits and bodies; Irina Korsakova, creating a unique style of art, trying to stray away from other influences; Lev Dyakonitsyn, painting a speculative presence in an inventive reality; Pavel Lazarev, approaching canvases with an ornamental and almost geometrical form; Victor Kazarin, creater of the new painting style of Russian post-suprematism; Vaily Shevchenko, creating a modern folklore with his paintings; Oleg Tolstory; and Yuri Grigorian.

Alfa Art Gallery will present Nina Tomczac’s collection of famous Russian contemporary artists:
Andrei Averyanov
Andrei Medvedev
Irina Korsakova
Lev Dyakonitsyn
Oleg Tolstoy
Pavel Lazarev
Vasily Shevchenko
Victor Kazarin
Yuri Grigorian

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