Jarvis Wilcox: Nature’s Bounty

Southport Galleries

Mar. 9, 2012, 06:00 pm

330 Pequot Ave


An exhibition featuring original oil paintings, executed with Wilcox’s syncopated movements of an exquisitely maneuvered, uniquely gifted palette knife. Creating harmonious connections of things seen, ideas imagined, and sensations felt, he strikes a mysterious balance between strongly lit forms enveloped in darkly shadowed creases. We invite you to join us in this visual journey awakening our senses to elemental splendors of tangerines, hydrangeas, and the poetic dance of light on water, trees, and sculling boats under a warm Connecticut sun. Southport Galleries is proud to share the illuminated realms of Jarvis Wilcox with our circle of collectors and friends to commence our Spring exhibition season.

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