Ginny Fox “New Work”

SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery

Oct. 30, 2012, 12:00 pm

547 W. 27th Street #301

The richly reductive paintings of Ginny Fox will be on view at SOHO20 Chelsea
Gallery October 30- November 24, 2012.

These subtly layered multi panel works on wood explore the merging of color, surface
and light. Through a repetitive process of adding and removing paint and linear
markings, Fox achieves a unique evocation of both natural and fabricated surfaces as
well as a visual discourse between micro and macrocosm. The use of two or more
panels within each painting provides a sense of connectedness and constant change.
Additionally, Fox has created these pieces with the intent of relating them to the
architecture of the space they are in; they may be installed horizontally or vertically.
In this way, they not only maintain their own intimate space, but become an integral
part of the larger environment as well.

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