“ECHOES: A Time to Keep & A Time to Let Go”

Art In Flux

Nov. 2, 2012, 06:00 am

1961 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. @ 118 St.


A dual gallery exhibition

Harlem, NY- October, 29 2012- Art in FLUX Harlem is proud to announce the exhibit
“ECHOES: A Time to Keep & A Time to Let Go”, in which artists reveal the importance of the spiritual power of Africa by retaining elements of the traditional world and yet creating a new contemporary vision. Through visual art, film, photography, dance, and spoken word, artists proclaim a cultural heritage while they explore, celebrate, play, question, challenge or protest diverse issues. The dual exhibition, spreading in two inter-connected spaces, illustrates the importance of past histories and conveys the vital significance of African traditions in the diaspora. Cultural traditions are very powerful and can be positive – promoting social cohesion and unity, or negative – corroding the physical and psychological health of individuals.

“A Time to Keep” commemorates positive customs and tolerant behaviors while “A Time to Let Go” illustrates the attempt to alter or eliminate traditions that suppress or chastise individuals.ECHOES is a group exhibition with works by Alberte Bernier, Beatrice Lebreton, Carlos DeMedeiros, Dougba Caranda-Martin, Gail Shaw-Clemons, Geraldine Gaines, Ibou Ndoye, J W Ford, Lance Johnson, Leonardo Benzant, Makeba Rainey, Nyugen Smith, Tara Mhella, Toni Thomas, and Trish Mayo. This exhibit, reflective of the mission of Art In FLUX Harlem, was created through a collaborative effort among artists and has continued to expand through programming to include other creative people from Harlem and beyond.

The idea of the exhibit was sparked by a curatorial proposal presented by Beatrice Lebreton, and Ibou Ndoye. Along the way the two were introduced to filmmaker Ebbe Bassey whose film, Siri Oko Fo (Mending Fences), inspired the artworks presented in the “Time to Let Go” portion of this dual gallery exhibit. Belynda M’baye, FLUX board member, who has a film and dance background came on board as the production manager for the opening night reception and coordinated dance, music and spoken word elements that were creative responses to the artworks and the film.
Friday, November 2nd, 6pm-9pm Featuring spoken word, dance & music

Sat, Nov 10, 3-5pm: Filmmaker / Artist Discussion
Fri, Nov 16, 7-9pm: Salon…In FLUX
Sat, Nov 17, 1-3pm: Drum workshop Mark Manczuk

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