Creating images from The Hobbit and other Tolkien / David Wenzel

Lyme Academy College of Fine Art

Jul. 9, 2012, 09:00 am

84 Lyme Street
860-434-5232 xt110

Focus of course will be devloping dwg skills and concept creation that will enable student to flesh out their characters(Tolkien or other)from rough idea to finished artwork. Students will be able to develop their work in any one of several mediums, depending on their knowledge of that medium. Characters from, Lord of the Rings, will also be included in the course overview.
Instructor: David Wenzel Illustrator of The Hobbit, graphic novel, will present this unique course for artists to explore Tolkien’s writings thru art. There are many wonderful creatures and characters in Tolkien’s writings and ea lesson will provide the student an opportunity to bring those characters to life.

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