Book Signing for Mary Alice Monroe – “The Summer Girls”

Lowcountry Artists Gallery

Jul. 28, 2013, 02:00 am

148 East Bay St.
(843) 577-9295

Lowcountry Artists Gallery will host a book signing (open to the public) for Mary Alice Monroe’s latest novel “The Summer Girls”. In this enchanting trilogy set on Sullivan’s Island, SC, the New York Times bestselling author captures the complex relationships between three half sisters (Carson, Dora and Harper), estranged and scattered across the country – and a grandmother about to turn 80 (Marietta Muir), who is determined to help them rediscover their family bonds. We’ll discover how Carson, who feels most at home when she’s in the water, deals with her emotional demons with the help of a marine biologist, a dolphin and her sisters – the summer girls.

Light “Lowcountry” refreshments will be served during the 3-hr reception, and the book signing event is free and open to all (but it’s highly recommended that you call the gallery ahead of time to reserve a copy of the book). The artists at Lowcountry Artists Gallery are delighted to welcome Mary Alice and have prepared many new works of art that relate to her newest novel, “The Summer Girls”, which takes place in our own Lowcountry.

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