Art Talk, How to Make a Painting:Tools, Techniques and Intent

Florence Griswold Museum

Apr. 19, 2012, 02:00 pm

96 Lyme Street
860-434-5542 ext. 111

Ever wonder how an artist starts with a blank canvas on their easel, and through the use of simple things such as oil, hog hair, and colorful dust, transforms it into a beautiful work of art? Join painter Jan Blencowe for a presentation that demystifies the process of making a painting. Florence Griswold Museum Lecture Series, How to Make a Painting: Tools, Techniques and Intent on Apr. 19th at 2pm Call 860-434-5542 ext. 111 to register $8 non-members, $7 museum members Lots of great info, a beautiful power point and art supplies on display!

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