30th Anniversary Celebration and Opening of three New Exhibits

Abel Contemporary Gallery

Jun. 9, 2017, 12:00 am

6858 Paoli Road
Phone (608) 845-6600


Opening Reception Friday, June 9th , from 5pm-9pm. Open to the public.
Join us to celebrate 30 years of supporting the arts! Artist reception, refreshments, and live music by Five Points Jazz Collective.

Kelli Hoppmann: Dirt and the Clear Blue Sky
Madison artist, Kelli Hoppmann, has been painting about the human condition (human weakness and strength) for over three decades. She has an endless curiosity of the world around her and can find inspiration in the familiar, draw drama from the ordinary, and see things that most of us overlook in our everyday lives. The figures in her allegories often don elaborate costumes, and are surrounded by lush environments, beautiful patterns, and vivid color which make it hard to look away even when the themes might be challenging.

Thirty Artists for Thirty Years: Group show
To mark thirty years of fine art and fine craft in Paoli, WI, we have invited 30 of our gallery artists to exhibit an outstanding piece to celebrate this milestone event for the gallery.

George Shipperley, Jonathan Wilde, Alicia Czechowski, Karen Halt, John Ribble, Mary Hood, S.V. Medaris, Kay Brathol-Hostvet, Deb Gottschalk, Chris Gargan, Ann Orlowski, Theresa Abel, Karl Borgeson, Allan Servoss, Greg Schulte, Ryan Myers, Paul Jeselskis, Joanne Kirkland, Jose Sierra, Gerit Grimm, Delores Fortuna, Rachelle Miller, Marlene Miller, Rick Hintze, Tim O’Neill, Scott Simmons, Richard Jones, Susan Richter-O’Connell, Yuyen Chang, Diane Washa

In the Cooler: Only Connect– Richard Jones
Only Connect will be the second installation in the gallery’s cooler space for Madison artist, Richard Jones. Viewed from a distance the space will contain a large wooden structure that upon closer inspection contains openings that reveal charred wooden blocks resembling a city no longer inhabited. Glass clouds illuminate the construction from above, and surrounding it are framed drawings, maps, and other materials related to the natural world. It is up to the viewer to contemplate the connections that exist between these objects and relate them to their own experiences of the world.

Artisan Gallery is now Abel Contemporary Gallery
We are pleased to announce that the Artisan Gallery is changing its name on June 9, 2017 to Abel Contemporary Gallery. As the gallery’s reputation has grown, attracting visitors from across the country, in person, and online, it has become important for the gallery to have a unique name to differentiate itself from other “artisan” galleries and businesses. Abel Contemporary will build upon a great tradition with a new name and our mission of supporting the arts and artists will remain unchanged.

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