Watching Angels Public Art Show


Entry Deadline: Aug. 15

70 Haskell Drive
Brattleboro, VT 05301

What if hundreds of Angels appeared in your town? What if when you saw an angel, it had an inspiring & uplifting message just for you?

What is the Watching Angels Public Art Show?
Watching Angels is a month long interactive public art show based on two simple questions:
What if you really could see angels?
What if when you spotted an angel it had a message just for you?

The show places a hundred plus artist created angels throughout the town of Brattleboro, VT. Each angel has a brief uplifting message. For an expanded message, the viewer can go to our website, type in the angels name and get their own personal message. We also include the artist’s bio and a link to the artist website if desired.

My sole (soul) purpose is to create an uplifting public art show that engages, elevates and inspires anyone who discovers our angels. And to support our artists… which is a dual soul purpose actually but whose counting?

I believe those who seek out the magic in everyday living will find Watching Angels inspiring and fun.

My Secret hope is …for those who have forgotten or are too scared and hurt or busy to believe in something greater and bigger than the negativity they experience or see on the news and the internet, that a little magic will find them.

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