The War on the World – National Open Call for Artwork

Frontline Arts

Entry Deadline: Sep. 15

440 River Rd
Branchburg, NJ 08876
PHONE 908.725.2110

The curators of the exhibition “The War On The World” extend to you an invitation to submit up to three works for consideration to hang in the Frontline Arts Gallery throughout November, 2019. “The War On The World” confronts the reality that the leading polluter of our planet is the U.S. military. Given the precarious state of the earth, with our country hostage to mindless greed and racism, fear and hate, the curators hope to construct a vivid picture of where we are, where we could be going and what we can do about it. Our thoughts are to begin immediately and then to expand this exhibit
into later next year. In advance of the 2020 elections, we wish to be seen, maybe heard, perhaps inspire. Does it matter? Humanity is part of the Eco-system. As artists, we know something of humanity. So why not. As one great artist of the environment, Edward Abbey, famously said,
“Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.”

Submission is free for veterans and our members of Frontline Arts, and only $10 to submit up to 3 works for consideration for everyone else. Interested? Submit at the link or visit our website for more information about who we are!

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