Textile Installations & Exhibits


Entry Deadline: Aug. 19

70 Spruce Street
Paterson, NJ 07501
(973) 278-1500


Art Factory TEXTILE-THEMED Installations and Exhibitions
This is an open call for curators and textile-based artists to submit proposals for a textile-themed art extravaganza in late September. The Textile Show is meant to celebrate Paterson’s rich textile heritage, highlight the role that the Art Factory has played in that continuing history and showcase the talents of emerging and established artists in the textile fields.

The Art Factory is a vast, spacious, inspiring collection of 19th century textile mill buildings in the heart of Paterson’s Historic District. The Art Factory is adapting these historic textile spaces and converting them into galleries, studios, lounges, classrooms, workshops and storage facilities. With its frontage on the National Park, it is a short stroll from the Art Factory complex through the park to Paterson’s Great Falls.

The Textile Show will be a collection of temporary exhibitions, site-specific installations, runway-style fashion shows and live performances. Preference will be given to proposals that emphasize textile manufacturing and history. We strongly encourage site-specific installations that bond, in some way, to the environment in which they are housed, challenging the traditional relationship between art object and the sterile white gallery wall on which it usually hangs.

· June 17 – Open call.
· June 18 – Begin tours of available spaces (call to schedule)
· August 19 – Deadline for submissions
· August 26 – Artists/curators notified of decline/acceptance. Installation may commence.
· September 22- All installations and exhibitions must be finalized.
· September 28 and 29 – Art Walk with multiple receptions and live performances.
· Date when work is to be removed – TBD

Individual artist submission requirements:
· 10 jpg images (or less) of your submitted artwork. Each jpg must be under 2 mb.
· list of corresponding artwork (pdf or doc) with title, medium, size, price and year created.
· artist’s resume
· $20 non-refundable submission fee.

Curatorial submission requirements:
· short curatorial statement and description of the proposed exhibition.
· desired location for exhibition and at least one back-up location.
· images of the artists’ work to be included in the exhibition and brief bios.
· curator’s resume
· $20 non-refundable submission fee.

Site-specific installation art submission requirements:
· short description of installation with corresponding diagrams/sketches.
· desired location for exhibition and at least one back-up location.
· artist’s resume and images of comparable work.
· $20 non-refundable submission fee.

General information:
· Submission fees should be made payable to the Art Factory.
· All submission materials should be sent via email to [email protected]. -with the subject heading
· Any questions/comments should also be directed to [email protected] or 973.ART.1500.
· Transport handling and insurance of artwork is the responsibility of the artist and/or curator.
· Artists and/or curators are responsible for the installation and de-installation or all artwork.
· Art Factory will collect a 30% commission on artwork sold. (20% for Art Factory members)

Art Factory
70 Spruce Street, Paterson, New Jersey 07501

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