Swamp of the World


Entry Deadline: Apr. 30

Le Cachot 39
CH - La Chaux-du-Milieu, QC 2405


Foundation Grand-Dungeon-de-Vent, renowned art gallery since 1968, is proud to present the photographic competition “Marais du Monde”. The 40 best shots of this contest will be featured in an exhibition in collaboration with Pro Natura on the occasion of 50 years of his section Neuchâtel. This display will also discover the rich natural heritage to protect.

This photo competition, organized in collaboration between Pro Natura Foundation and Grand-Dungeon-de-Vent is designed to offer photographers of all backgrounds the opportunity to share their love of nature, landscapes, wildlife and flora of the marshes of the world. The Great Dungeon is sensitive to the respect for nature, especially the preservation of surrounding wetlands. The farm is actually located in the heart of the valley of the Brévine, whose inhabitants have long exploited the resources offered by the bogs. Nowadays, these habitats are partially protected, offering both men and animals shelter rich and rare.

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