Sexuality in Contemporary U.S. Society

Provenance Center

Entry Deadline: Sep. 29

165 State Street
New London, CT 06320

Provenance Center is requesting submissions for an upcoming exhibit focusing on the issue of Sexuality as manifest in contemporary society and culture. We are seeking submissions of original art (painting, sculpture, mixed media), photography, dance and music composition with which we can weave a tapestry that as a whole will offer a perspective on this issue.
Unquestionably, sexuality has been a driving social and cultural force for the duration of recorded history. Many from a wide range of disciplines have hypothesized that sexuality is among the most
formative of influences upon the course of human civilization. In modern times, issues of sexuality have often been coupled with civil rights and the ongoing struggle for certain groups to shake off the
burden of oppression and social marginalization. Congruent with the mission of Provenance Center, for this thematic exhibition we are seeking such artistic expression, that which highlights the struggle
for equal rights, treatment and access to opportunities. The dimension of human experience that is represented by the phenomenon of sexuality is also rich, colorful, enjoyable and life affirming.

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