Resililience: Adapting to Challenging Events

Sanchez Art Center

Entry Deadline: Apr. 25

1220 Linda Mar Blvd Ste B
Pacifica, CA 94044
PHONE (650) 355-1894

RESILIENCE:  adapting to challenging events
June 9–July 9, 2023
April 25, 2023

Open to all visual artists residing or creating in the counties of: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Sonoma who are 16 years and older.


This exhibition encourages artists to act as ambassadors for “resilience” — both personal and climate-related — by applying their artistic talent and skills to widen people’s perceptions and ability to develop resilience personally and for their communities, as well as for the greater good for humanity and the earth.
Resilient comes from the word resile which means to spring back, bounce back, or recoil. Resilience refers to both the process and the outcome of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging experiences

Climate resilience is the ability to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to hazardous events, trends, or disturbances related to climate. Improving climate resilience involves assessing how the climate crisis is creating new, and altering current, climate-related risks, and taking steps to better cope with these risks.
Emotional resilience refers to one’s ability to adapt to stressful situations or crises. When a person is resilient they possess the power to recover quickly from difficulty, crisis, stress, and hardship.
Resilience for ourselves, our communities and natural environment provides the means to adapt to stress, disappointment and change, while gaining insight to avoid actions that might lead us to repeat the same set of circumstances. It is the strength to move forward in a new direction.

Creating personal and climate resilience is crucial to life in the 21st century.
Apply today to share your art works visualizing “resilience”.

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