Public Sculpture

Pelham Art Center

Entry Deadline: Dec. 31

155 Fifth Avenue
Pelham, NY 10803
PHONE 914.738.2525

Email for proposal: Email proposals to: [email protected], Subject: Public Art

The Pelham Art Center is seeking proposals for temporary public solo and group exhibitions / installations to be installed in one of the following two locations:
1. The PAC 2,300sq.ft. open court yard
2. The newly renovated Wolfs Lane Park.

We are looking for work that can be sited for three months, activates the entire space while considering the scale, architecture and use of the area. We strongly encourage site-specific proposals. Proposals will be selected by our Gallery Advisory Committee on the basis of:
* Creativity/interactivity: Your work should be visually engaging and invite viewers of all ages to enter the court yard to experience the work further.
* Structural Integrity: Your work must be able to withstand three months of exposure to New York weather as well as unsupervised interaction from passers-by and visitors to the Art Center day and night.

* Sustainability: Given the temporary nature of the installation, we encourage the submission of work created with found materials, or from materials that can be temporarily appropriated and then reused after the installation.

Receiving and Removal of Work: The artist will be responsible for transporting their work to and from the Art Center. Pelham Art Center will not pay for shipping.

Installation: The artist will be responsible for installing and de-installing their artwork. Pelham Art Center will not provide assistance for the installation and de-installation of the work.

Stipend: Pelham Art Center offers a $200 stipend to help offset material costs.

Publicity: Pelham Art Center will publicize the installation of the work through our regular notices and stories to local media outlets, our email database of 5000 as well as on our website ( Pelham Art Center is located on Pelham’s main commercial street, with constant foot and car traffic passing by. The courtyard is used frequently by passersby and we can assure a constant flow of traffic and many eyes on the work. Three to six public events at the Art Center per quarter draw sizeable crowds as well.

Timeline: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Three-Four proposals will be realized per year.

Pelham Art Center

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