Picturing the World Family

FIER Institute

Entry Deadline: Apr. 1

PO Box 7078
Warrringah Mall, YT 2100


Picturing the World Family is a call to action from photographers (professional, non-professional & students) to submit a portfolio of images (a coherent photo essay – maximum 5 images) that showcases the landscape of contemporary family lives and relationships as they exist across the World today.

Where Picturing the World Family differs from Steichen’s Family of Man exhibition, is that it uses the power of the photo-essay (portfolio) to tell a story, rather than using single images and themes (related to personal life experiences), from which to tell a story.

It is an opportunity for each selected photographer to receive recognition and exposure through being published in an International online gallery, and in the Picturing the World Family Portfolio Book Series.

Picturing the World Family is a call to entry for submissions to be made to The World Family, which will help inform our understanding of what contemporary family lives and relationships look like across the globe today. In doing so, it becomes a contemporary response to Steichen’s (1952-1955) Family of Man that is readily accessible to an online international audience.

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