Studio Montclair Gallery

Entry Deadline: Jul. 24

127 Bloomfield Ave.
Montclair, NJ 07042
PHONE 862 500-1447!event/2022/6/23/pages

When asked, no two artists can agree on the definition of an ‘Artist Book’. The possibilities are endless.

It is often an object that can be more visual than textural. Sequential pages or maybe just one, a scroll. It can be stitched, folded, glued, hung on cord, pinned to the wall, adhered to a substrate and framed or contained within a structure possibly influenced by the book form. Large or small it is usually a world of surprises.

Studio Montclair is looking for work which fits this very loose description of an Artists Book for the exhibition ‘Pages’, September 2022 at the Studio Montclair Gallery, 127 Bloomfield Street, Montclair, NJ.

Pam Cooper is an artist and curator who has been working with mixed media for the past 25 years. Cooper has exhibited extensively in the metropolitan area and across the USA. She moved to the USA in 1990 spending the first four years attaining a BFA at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. In her final year she also worked as an intern at Dieu Donne Paper Mill.

Cooper now makes handmade abaca paper which she uses for sculpture, installations and works on paper. In the last ten years she ventured into the very diverse world of artists books.

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