NYC4PA Call for Entry – Patterns and Shadows 2019

Jadite Gallery

Entry Deadline: Nov. 10

413 West 50th ST
NEW YORK, NY 10019
Phone 917.359.2642

There is a striking photograph of a camel caravan taken from above. At first glance you see dark animals and riders in the bright sunset the color of sand. On closer inspection you see tiny well-lit camels and riders with the strength of the image in the tall dark shadows cast in the setting sun. In the same vein, dusk casts shadows on a flight of stairs creating a canvas of black and white stripes. Just as powerful are shots where the impact of the image is derived from patterns in the composition such as the tile pattern on the Sydney Opera House, rows of theater chairs etc. Different images, interesting interpretations of your own shadow are welcome as well. Be creative – send us your best.

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