Liquitex Residency | Just Imagine

Manufacturers Village Studio Building

Entry Deadline: Apr. 12

356 Glenwood Ave
East Orange, NJ 07019

Just Imagine how far your creativity could go with a private studio space stocked with Liquitex materials and the freedom and time to express yourself, gain knowledge, and make connections in a vibrant community of artists. Unlock what’s possible.

Liquitex is pleased to announce an Open Call for a new residency program at Manufacturers Village, available to any US-based artist from the greater New York area for a 5-week period, with the first residency beginning mid-May.

This Open Call will allow you to apply for multiple residencies which are being offered in our studio on a rolling basis; please note the dates, and the materials focus, differs for each one, so be sure you are available to take the opportunity on the dates indicated.

Mediums | May 17 – June 21, 2021: With a focus on the new range of Liquitex Acrylic Mediums, this residency is particularly suited to an artist wishing to use and experiment with acrylic mediums as a part of their practice.
Acrylic Ink | June 28th – August 2nd, 2021: With a focus on the new colors launching in the Liquitex Acrylic Ink range, this residency is particularly suited to an artist wishing to use and experiment with inks as a part of their practice.
Heavy Body | August 23rd – September 27th 2021: With a focus on the new colors launching in the Liquitex Heavy Body range, this residency is particularly suited to an artist wishing to use and experiment with Heavy Body Acrylic as a part of their practice.
Soft Body | November 8th – December 13th 2021: With a focus on the Soft Body Acrylic range, this residency is particularly suited to an artist wishing to use and experiment with Soft Body as a part of their practice.

While each residency is designed to engage with artists interested in working with one of these materials specifically, there is also an opportunity to choose any of our other materials. Artists are encouraged to explore a multi-media approach to the work they wish to realize on the residency.

What does this residency provide?

A 5-week residency in a private studio located at Manufacturers Village (located at 356 Glenwood Ave, East Orange, NJ 07019)
A supply of Liquitex materials of the artists choice, as well as surfaces to work on, up to $1500.00
A selection of Liquitex products, depending on the residency focus. For example, select Heavy Body colors will be provided during the Heavy Body Acrylic residency
Mentoring to help you develop your practice
Ongoing technical support from Liquitex’s resident artist for any questions about Liquitex materials
An opportunity to sell artwork at Manufacturers Village Open Studio

Who is eligible to apply?

Any US-based artist who is able to provide their own travel to and from the space; applicants must be able to provide their own travel.
Visual artists with a minimum active art practice of at least two years.
Artists must not be engaged in another residency during the residency period, and agree to use the studio for a minimum of 20 hours/week.
Applicants currently lacking a designated studio for their practice are preferred.

What are the criteria and procedure for selection?

The selection will be based on the artistic quality of their work, likely benefit to the artist of the residency, and the artist’s interest in engaging with Liquitex materials and embracing the overall residency experience.
The selection process will be conducted by a jury consisting of London-based artist Rebecca Byrne, New York-based art writer Brian Boucher, London-based Editor at Elephant Magazine Emily Steer, New York-based artist Patrick Brennan and San Francisco-based artist Erik Parra.
The judges will select the candidate after a review of all digital submissions; on this occasion, judges will not be able to view work in person.

Application Deadline: April 12, 2021, 12:00 am

You will be asked to provide a proposal that outlines why you are interested in exploring Liquitex materials which includes:

A short statement about why this opportunity would be meaningful to you, why you are interested in the material featured during the residency/residencies you are applying for, and what you would intend to make (200 word maximum)
An up-to-date one-page resume, minimum font size 11pt.
Up to 10 images maximum of your work in a jpeg format, each file to be no more than 1MB
Links to your website and any social media profiles you maintain
A URL for the judges to review if you have a time-based practice

Additional terms:

Applicants must agree to regularly share images of work in progress with Liquitex and participate in any photography and films produced by Liquitex during the residency. These images/films may be used in Liquitex digital, print, and public platforms, as well as any media channels they choose.

If you are shortlisted, you agree that the images submitted in your application may be used in our digital platforms and social media in our Shortlist and/or Winner Announcements.

Artists will be asked to contribute a piece of work to the Liquitex art collection at the completion of the residency.

If selected, the artist will be asked to sign an agreement with Liquitex that includes terms and conditions around the residency. While we are happy to consider any reasonable requests for amendments, an agreement is required before beginning the residency.

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