House of Israel

Entry Deadline: Dec. 30

2156 Pan American Plaza
San Diego , CA 92101


Call for Submission – “Fused”
A call to submit compelling works for an exclusive publication (short stories/ poems/ sculptures/ drawings/3D/ photographs/ paintings/etc.) that express your personal connection to the land of Israel or/and to its people.

Background: In the heart of San Diego’s Balboa Park nests the tiny Cottage of Israel which showcases Israel’s past and present through its remarkable scientific, humanitarian and cultural achievements that have made Israel the most democratic and successful economy in the Middle East. Tens of thousands of visitors from around the world have walked through our exhibits, frequently departing with something new they have learned about Israel. Other organizations around the world flaunt Israel’s Nobel laureates, its sustainable technological breakthroughs, and the abundance of its innovative start-up companies. Yet, when asked what connects one to Israel, the answer often shifts to a more personal realm of subjective experience that evokes in people a far more meaningful and lasting impression. Our intention is to give voice to these personal expressions and to present them in the most alluring and artistic manner.

Eligibility: open to individuals, writers and artists regardless of nationality, religion or age Please note: The House of Israel in a non-political organization and all submissions should confirm to this. HOI reserves the right not to publish any inappropriate material.
Submission: One entry per person Original work only; Up to 2 different mediums per entry Verbal: up to 1000 words emailed as PDF attachment Visual: up to 3 images, emailed as JPG attachments, min. 300 dpi No entry fee Deadline: 30 December 2013
Outcome: All submission will be published on the House of Israel website including acknowledgement and link to the author/artist’s website. Selected works will be printed for a special edition of a high quality art book with additional quotes and biographical details.
For more information or to submit an entry please email Smadar Samson, Curator, House of Israel, Balboa Park, San Diego. email: [email protected]

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