Exploration of a Medium: Watermedia

Center for the Arts Evergreen

Entry Deadline: May. 19

32003B Ellingwood Trail
Evergreen, CO 80439


The Center for the Arts presents Exploration of a Medium: Watermedia. This is another show in our ongoing series of exhibitions focusing on the variety a single medium can have. As water is one of the most valuable elements, it seems only natural that artists have made use of and incorporated it into artworks. Paleolithic paintings in the Lascaux caves were created with a water-pigment mixture that was then spread or sprayed onto the wall. During the Renaissance, water was mixed with pigment and eggs to create the quick drying medium tempera. Early manuscripts were illuminated with inks and pigments mixed with water. Watermedia has evolved and continues tradition today as water is used as a solvent for many painting and drawing media.

CAE seeks watermedia artworks. These could be watercolor paintings, gouche, acrylics, water-soluble oils or inks (such as Indian inks). Historical watermedia, such as tempera, is also acceptable. Collage utilizing watermedia as a prominent aspect is additionally encouraged. Pieces submitted should clearly be watermedia-based. All content and concepts will be accepted.

Denver-based artist Leon Loughridge will jury the exhibition. Raised in the open ranch land of Northern New Mexico, Leon developed an affinity for the Southwestern landscape. He was greatly influenced by his grandmother’s involvement in Northern New Mexico art circles. Later study at the Colorado Institute of Art along with private study reinforced his abilities. Stationed in Germany while in the army, he was able to travel extensively throughout Europe, visiting museums and maintaining sketching journals. In addition, he studied painting techniques of the old masters for two years, finishing by copying a Franz Hals at the Stuttgart Stattsgalerie Art Museum. Long having an interest in pen and ink, etching took on a special meaning from the museum’s collection of etchings. Leon has continued to develop his printmaking skills and currently owns a publishing company, producing his Reduction Style Woodblocks as well as limited edition books. While better known for his prints, Leon also works with watercolors, pastels and oils. His works are exhibited nationally and collected by numerous museums.

The Center for the Arts Evergreen supports Evergreen and its surrounding communities in the visual and performing arts. CAE hosts classes and workshops for all ages and abilities and coordinates a variety of exhibitions throughout the year, as well as coordinating both summer and winter art festivals, Summerfest and Winterfest. CAE also provides grants to local art teachers, hosts biweekly lunchtime lectures and presentations, and special programming for adults with developmental disabilities.

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