Central New York Veteran’s Art Blast

Ashlar Center for Narrative Arts

Entry Deadline: Sep. 30

SUNY IT Campus Center, 575 Residential Drive
Utica, NY 13502


THEME: Share with the audience the timeless truths of war through your eyes as a veteran artist. Telling your story in a visual language allows you, the artist, to express feelings and present difficult war time events or conditions. These can be literal or abstract, painting or sculpture — Whatever format suits your subject or satisfies your need for uncensored expression, anonymity, safety or distance. This show gives the viewer the opportunity to open to the rarely encountered emotional realities of war that only the veteran artist can offer.

ACCEPTING: All 2-D and 3-D visual media, however animations must be provided on a digital picture frame (most have the capacity for video playback) with power cord included.

ENTRY IS FREE FOR ALL VETERANS; No more than three entries per veteran. No entries larger than 72” in any dimension.
We will gladly return your entry after the show. Please include a pre-paid return shipping label.

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