Call for Entry: Bibliophilia

Nave Gallery Annex

Entry Deadline: Aug. 15

53 Chester St
Somerville, MA 02144

Books mix together sculpture, installation, drawing, and performance. They are an interactive experience that fills up space and engages the body, a physical narrative that you move through over time.

The physical book is disappearing from our world, displaced by e-readers. Though e-readers offer convenience, they do not offer that same intimacy of physical connection. The reader interacts only with the text and not the object. You do not feel the journey as you weigh the pages read compared to pages unread. You are not taken back to that moment years ago, when you spilled coffee on the page or underlined a meaningful passage.

Bibliophilia will celebrate and explore the complex medium of books. The curator will select artworks that depict how this form can express diverse ideas.

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