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Entry Deadline: Jan. 31

Villa Santa Caterina
Santa Caterina, Lecce, ITL 73048

BAROQUE BLUE Ionian SeArt Residency

Visual Arts & Performing Arts


Santa Caterina, Lecce, Italy

From 14 to 26 July 2023

curated by Dores Sacquegna

The spirit of place and time is an art project designed for this second edition of BAROQUE BLUE and for Porto Selvaggio Natural Reserve Park in Apulia’s Region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its wonderful landscape made of nature, sea and archeology. Here there are over 15 natural cavities used by the Uluzzian Man, a sort of Homo Sapiens. In this wonderful landscape, nature explodes with all its colors and scents. Here the interactive dimension between man-nature appears as an operational space capable of offering interpretative insights and fruitful therapeutic connections, allowing the creation of something symbolic that can silently unite heaven and earth metaphorically.

A courageous and far-sighted experiment, aimed at grasping the wonderful expressive forms of nature and enhancing them with the human eye, which interprets, shapes, molds and takes away from nature itself. Stones, branches, leaves, trunks, earth, rocks are the raw materials of the works of art that are melted on the spot. With Baroque Blue, the artist abandons the leading role and joins nature, her ally in the creation and conservation of the work.

The works made with natural materials are fully inserted in the life cycle of nature, in its processes of decay and transformation. This is also a way of aligning with the primary energy of nature: recovery as a value of life and as a body to be transformed according to a variable memory, as is the variable rhythm of nature, which reflects the esprit du lieu et du temp that pervades us and transmits further listening, fertile narratives. A way of making art that distances itself from traditional artistic canons, in a space of expression far from the logic of the art market and traditional atelier-gallery-museum circuits but a real creative process: a model of interaction between man and the environment, civilization and nature, constantly changing.

Nature is interpreted in the essence of it, shaped by the idea of ​​respect and protection that the artist cultivates and wants to transmit with his/her art. An important message of belonging and awareness that tries to establish a starting point for reflection on the relationship between nature, archeology, humanity and contemporary art and on how our relationship with nature, in continuous evolution, can be told through a vastness of different languages .

The works can be made in situ, where they will be photographed / documented. All multimedia techniques are welcome including visual art, installations, photography, video and performances.

To learn more and join write at [email protected] or [email protected]

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