ART Attack

nic miller art

Entry Deadline: Jan. 22

939 N. Glynn Street
Fayetteville, GA 30214

ART ATTACK is a visual assault on your senses. An exhibition presenting a narrative of established and emerging artists in metro Atlanta and south side Fayette county. The intent is to engage the artist and audience in a dialogue and appreciation of contemporary and local art while contributing to the growing art scene in Atlanta and metro areas.

Artists notified on or before January 23. Complete Artist List announced on Friday, January 24.

Exhibition Dates: Thursday, February 6-9, 2014
Location: Ben’s Antique & Market, 939 N. Glynn Street, Fayetteville, GA 30214

Launch Reception & Collectors’ Night: Thursday, February 6 at 6:30pm

Artwork Guidelines
This is an open call for all artwork. 2D and 3D media and all subject matter will be considered, including but not limited to drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, sculpture, wood, digital art, video, installation, etc.

Who can submit?
The ART Attack exhibits encourages established and emerging artists of all ages to submit their work.

How to submit
Submission fee is $30 for 6 pieces. The submission fees are non-refundable regardless if work is selected for exhibition. If not selected for this exhibition, submissions will be reserved for future consideration. Please note that submission indicates artist agrees with the terms set forth here.

Submissions can be sent to [email protected]. For best results, please send high quality images (.jpg, .jpeg, .tiff, .png). Payment must accompany submission or pieces will not be considered. Payment may be sent by PayPal, MoneyGram, Google Wallet or through our online submission app (coming soon!).

Pick-up/Mailing of selected works will be planned accordingly.

nic miller art does not provide insurance coverage for the work exhibited. Work is shown at the artist’s own risk. Artist may choose to insure work if they wish. If you have questions about insuring your work, please let us know and we can help.

Artists keep 50% of retail price. Artists are encouraged to set their own prices accordingly. Transactions and sales, including sales tax, will be processed by the venue. nic miller art will be happy to answer and assist any questions regarding pricing or the sales of artwork. Transaction and merchant fees to be paid as a courtesy by nic miller art.

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