Animalia Exhibit

Arts Center East

Entry Deadline: Jul. 13

709 Hartford Turnpike
Vernon, CT 06066
PHONE 860-871-8222

It’s a jungle out there!

Kingdom Animalia includes over 7 million species of both living and extinct creatures. Every animal is a member of the Animalia kingdom, ranging from the smallest at 0.0003 inches, to the largest, up to 110 feet. The Animal Kingdom is about as diverse as it gets.

Humans, key players in this kingdom, have a complex with relationship their cohabitants. In practical ways, humans rely on animals for food, clothing, textiles. Working animals make physical or dangerous tasks easier and safer. Members of the animal kingdom have proved invaluable in helping humans reach important scientific and medical milestones. And humans have long documented their encounters and interactions with the animal kingdom, in artforms from cave drawings, to sacred statues, to photos of cats posted to Instagram. Our relationship with Kingdom Animalia is anything but simple. This show welcomes animals of all shapes, sizes, and mediums.

Drop Off Dates for Jurying:
Thursday July 11, 2:30–6:00pm
Friday July 12, 2:30–6:00pm
Saturday July 13, 10:00am–2:00pm

Pick Up of Unaccepted Work:
Tuesday July 16, 2:30–6:00pm
Wednesday July 17, 2:30–6:00pm

End of Show Pick-Up:
Monday August 19, 2:30–6:00pm
Tuesday August 20, 2:30–6:00pm

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